15 April 2012

Junkyard Sessions is finally here! x The Love Chariot's first show in two years!

Ain't that a beaut? Get hip with it daddy-o!

The Death Cult of the south, The Love Chariot, would be playing for the first time since 2010 and it would melt faces. Mark your calendars: May 19, 2012. Be there or get bent!

14 April 2012

UNITED SOUTH music and arts festival x CULT SHIT videos x CVTY COLLECTIVE junkyard sesh x ETCetcetc

We just got home from the UNITED SOUTH shindig. Tons of bands and rappers played. CVTY killed it. Merch was sold. South Bar's Red Horse supply was no match from the fiends. So what's your excuse of not being there to party?

CS was there to show videos and blow minds. Job well done, we must say. BUTTER screamed the masses!

We also unveiled the new CULT SHIT MEDIA BLACKOUT™ bumper with the third installment of the Preposterous Home Movies Experiment. Inverted crosses shone on the white wall and it was surreal. That shit would be up in this blog as soon as it gets its digital ass on Vimeo.

Like tomorrow or something.

Besides that, the CS x Rocket House collab of the CVTY COLLECTIVE Junkyard Session vid bathed everyone with radiance and colors and slow-mo. B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

That teaser alone murders baby seals. The whole thing goes for the whole white whale. We are Ahab and we'll all miss Sherwood's little Eskimo. That's a Heathers reference, man.

Also, Cult Shit's resident psychedelic collective-slash-death cult The Love Chariot are now on Bandcamp. FTRE SHIT MENG.

Didn't we say media blackout at the start of the year?? Bring on that motherfucking apocalypse!

Dancing the revolution on the LRT. THE HAIRY BEAST FROM PQUE finds its way in BlueTooth's blackbook.


10 March 2012

New stickies x Junkyard Sesh Video Launch

marife collective x the hairy beast of pque x dance tonight revolution tomorrow stickies around sucat rd x buendia x bacoor/tanza cavite

also this is happening SOON


17 February 2012

RH x CS in SG x Junkyard Sessions

Rocket House and Cult Shit were in SG last week and this happened:

All the while our buds in Manila Massive and P&P Tattoo got this done:

Dope fresh shit

See ya'll in the Junkyard of Cavite motherfuckers! And watch out for the RH x CS documentary that would bomb your asses!

16 February 2012

Cult Shit SG

The expansion has started.

First Singapore later the world. Check out the new record label under the Cult Shit umbrella: CULT SHIT RECORDS

Like that shit on FACEBOOK!

A Rocket House Productions x Cult Shit documentary on the Junkyard Sessions this coming 26th is on the works as well.


31 December 2011